Check out what SLJ students were up to this summer!

At SLJ, we believe that school is not a rehearsal for life, it is life.

Students need to understand the relevance of what they are learning—either because they see its value in their own lives, its utility in the professional world or, most abstractly, because they realize it is part of the process of "becoming successful". Additionally, colleges look for students who know how to learn and succeed beyond school walls; they want applicants who have explored their unique talents, taken leadership roles, and worked to become well-rounded young men and women. 

To make all of this possible, we offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities that not only give students unique life experiences but also build leadership and social-emotional skills, and teach professionalism, responsibility, and self-advocacy.

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The enrichment programs we provide include:

After School Learning Academy – Weekly after-school classes and clubs facilitated by SLJ faculty and student leaders in a variety of areas, including academic subjects, arts & culture, athletics & dance, student government, school newspaper, social justice activism.

Young Men’s/Women’s Initiatives – Separate programs dedicated to creating and fostering a positive sense of self, increasing school engagement and improving academic performance among at-risk students. Includes mentorships, retreats, monthly speaker series.

Academic Enrichment & Support – Tutoring, end-of-year portfolio presentations, moot court, test prep, peer support, attendance-boosting initiatives, advisories, graduation, guest speakers, class trips.

Incoming Students – Accepted Students Night, Meet Your Advisory Nights, Summerbridge, high school transition counseling.

Partnership Opportunities – After-school, weekend, and summer programs focusing on arts, environment, technology, media, leadership, athletics, and more.

Clubs – Junior Statesmen Abroad, National Honors Society, Student Council.

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For students seeking enrichment opportunities, please visit our student resources page